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Computational photography has arrived

Published on 2019-07-31

Still here :-) Light L16 28-150mm zoom 16 cameraphone sensor camera is amazing

Published on 2019-04-08

Digital camera software by subscription is inevitable unless you are not connected to the internet

Published on 2017-11-05

Long Term iPhone 7 Plus review: still amazing and still makes single sensor cameraphones obsolete

Published on 2017-04-23

Ultimate 21st century cam duo: iPhone 7 plus and?

Published on 2017-01-07

PREDICTION:By 31Dec2017 there will be an awesome iPad Pro RAW editor

Published on 2017-01-02

Kirk gets it on automatic camera sync

Published on 2016-11-14

Adobe is doing a great job with their Lightroom Mobile iOS and Android apps

Published on 2016-10-16

For $US30 a month for 2 years I can have an iPhone 7 plus so why do I need a point and shoot?

Published on 2016-09-11

Stopped using Fuji's app

Published on 2016-08-07

Fujifilm Cam Remote works better with iPhone6S Plus than Google Nexus 6P

Published on 2016-01-03

Flickr app doesn't auto-upload X100T photos transferred via WiFi & flickr app on Android

Published on 2016-01-01

PREDICTION:By 31Dec2016 there will be an awesome iPad Pro RAW editor

Published on 2015-12-27

How to transfer RAW files from X100T to Note5

Published on 2015-12-27

How to transfer RAW files from Fuji X100T to iOS or Android wirelessly

Published on 2015-12-17

The Nexus 6P has an auto-focus bug

Published on 2015-12-17

Moment Case w/18mm A lovely wart on a wart

Published on 2015-12-16

I want what Ming Thein designs

Published on 2015-11-08

iPhone "wins" blind shootout over flagship Android phones

Published on 2015-10-23

A nice photo from the Note5

Published on 2015-10-22

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