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Adobe is doing a great job with their Lightroom Mobile iOS and Android apps

Not sure about desktop Lightroom

Adobe is doing a great job with their Lightroom Mobile apps on iOS and Android. On the Notes they support the stylus (long live the Note 5, it's a great phone sad about the EOL'd Note 7), on the iPhone 7 Plus they support the 2 camera sensors and many more... Kudos to the team!

Now if only the could get Lightroom on Mac OS X . . .

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October 16, 2016

A nice photo from the Note5

Who would've thought back in 204 that photos like this could be taken while bicycling?

False Creek Science World

This photo would have been blurry on the Nokia 7610 1 megapixel cameraphone from 2004. Here the Note5 does a great job focusing and while the colours seem exaggerated overall it's a nice reflection of reality!

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October 21, 2015

Note5 hangs in the lockscreen

hoping this will be fixed in a firmware update

The Note5 hangs every few days in the lock screen which means I can't take photos. Why? Odd ! Can't figure out a pattern on how to reproduce nor how to workaround the problem. Never seen anything like it in the many Nokia and Apple cameraphones I've used over the years. Other than that and the focus hunting it's a great . . .

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October 21, 2015

Note5 auto-focus hunting sample image

happens much more often on the Note vs. iPhone 6

Here's a sample Note 5 blurry image that I wrote about in the last post :

sample Note 5 blurry image

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October 07, 2015


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