Roland Tanglao

Minimum Viable Digital Camera Consumer Version: Add Nikon 1-like auto-focus

The Nikon 1 auto-focus in daylight is the fastest auto-focus I have ever used; faster than any digital SLR I have used. For the consumer version of the Minimum Viable Digital Camera I'd add Nikon 1-speed auto focus in the centre only (adding selectable auto-focus points means adding a directional pad, no thanks!).

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September 29, 2013

Minimum Viable Digital camera = GPS + WiFi + EVF + dials for aperture & shutter + manual focus? What's yours?

What's your minimum viable digital camera?
Mine would be (in no order):

  1. GPS
  2. WiFi to beam your photos directly to the photo sharing service of your choice: instagram, flickr, google+, facebook, SFTP, whatever, with an API or SDK for developers to add other photo-sharing services
  3. real physical dials for aperture and shutter speed
  4. a real . . .

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September 28, 2013

HTC One - surprisingly great

The HTC One (non Google Edition) is surprisingly great. Set the camera app to:

  • Shutter sound: Off
  • Touch to capture: On
  • Review duration: no review
  • Continuous shooting: On

and you have a camera that is silent, has surprisingly fast auto-focus and takes decent photos. See my photos tagged HTC One Photo on flickr for some examples.

It blows the . . .

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September 28, 2013