Roland Tanglao

Google fund Manual & Camera FV-5 aka Roland's krazy idea to make something awesome only on Android

Don't buy the companies Google. Instead fly them to Mountain View for 1-4 months and fund them to get their Android-only RAW camera (only Android has RAW APIs; iOS doesn't; Windows Phone does but nobody it breaks my heart to say it cares about Nokia er Microsoft phones and Windows Phone) apps as awesome as possible on Nexus 6, Nexus 5 . . .

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February 19, 2015

Tired of the Olympus GPS App

Because it times out often with large numbers of photos

Unbelievable but true. If you take 100 photos, the Olympus Android app takes a long time to find those photos and geo-tag them and sometimes it times out. Perhaps the iOS Olympus App is better?

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February 17, 2015

RAW shooting on Nexus 6 & 5 using Camera FV-5 & Manual app

awesome but buggy with crashes, which hopefully will be fixed soon!

Remember when the Nexus 5 came out and how bad the camera app was on the Nexus 5? And remember how the camera was improved over time?

Well it's basically the same story for the Manual app and the Camera FV-5 apps (the only apps that support RAW i.e. DNG shooting using the new APIs in Android 5 Lollipop). It's buggy (crashes . . .

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February 02, 2015

Samsung Note 4 review

faster than the S5 and brighter bigger screen but otherwise same as the S5; until the battery consumption is fixed go for the S5 if you want a Samsung

The Samsung Note 4 as a camera is much the same as the Samsung S5. It's just got a wee bit faster focus; a wee brighter and much better screen (with corresponding reduction in battery life; personally I'll take the battery life of the S5; the Note 4's short battery life is unacceptable! Samsung please fix it with a firmware . . .

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December 14, 2014

Samsung S5 review

soul-less but who cares :-_); great daytime great; bad at low light

I stand by my previous S5 photo post and S5 impressionistic review: great in day time; water resistance is useless since once the touch screen gets wet it doesn't break but it also doesn't work; bad auto-focus at night and generally a bad camera in low light; souless in the same way top of the range Windows PCs used to be but it gets . . .

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December 14, 2014

iPhone 5S best overall cameraphone photos because of best overall UX & tightly integrated embedded software

Nokia Lumia 1020 has the best sensor but for normal photo takers the iPhone is better

Check out my iPhone 5S photos on flickr.

Here's my impressionistic review:

  • super fast shot to shot like the Samsung S5 but not like the Nokia 1020
  • a fluid, consistent camera with more consistent great pics than all of the other cameraphones I've tried
  • not a great a sensor as the Lumia 1020 but the . . .

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October 01, 2014

Samsung S5 photos

forgot my flickr link in my impressionistic review

Forgot the link to my Samsung S5 photos on flickr in the Samsung S5 impressionistic review.

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October 01, 2014


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